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Cubic Motion is an amazing partner. Outside of their product being the talk of the gaming industry, the service that they provide us has been immensely helpful. Having them as a resource to help essentially guide our storytelling has been instrumental.


Facial animation

Cubic Motion’s proprietary technology and pipeline accepts video input from multiple capture types, single-camera HMC, stereo-camera HMC, 4D data, and depth cameras.

We track and analyse the video data at ultra-high density meaning all nuances of a performance are captured, and then our ever-evolving solving technology allows our Production team to produce top quality and high volume, critical factors required for AAA video games.

With our experienced and talented Production team of over 60 artists we continue to enable game developers to realise their characters.

Our team has vast experience solving to all types of facial rig, and can provide detailed and valuable feedback during production to support the client leading to the highest possible quality being achieved.

We deliver projects in all the leading animation packages such as Autodesk’s Maya.

Audio Pipeline

Audio Pipeline
Cubic Motion has developed a unique and unrivalled pipeline for quality and incredibly high volumes. For too long the games industry has ‘put up with’ procedurally driven facial animation, poor quality lip-sync and void of emotion. With Cubic’s Audio Pipeline the developer need only record the actor’s VO, we do the rest.

We record the facial acting performance at our professional studio in Manchester, using our acting talent, and our award-winning real-time facial pipeline to produce volumes of animation not seen before in the industry. The animation is then passed to our highly talented animation crew leading to high-quality animation that has all the necessary emotion for each line of dialogue.

Additional Services

Body Animation
Cubic Motion has recently expanded into full character animation, taking the client’s motion capture data and adding all the necessary fidelity required for body motion. We work closely with our clients and iterate to reach AAA quality.

Scene Finishing
To really push the quality of character performances it is necessary to judge the final result in full context, therefore Cubic Motion offers an additional service of integrating facial animation into the client’s scene with body and camera data. We can then deliver the AAA shippable result ensuring each character’s performance works in the context of the final cinematic

Cubic Motion is able to integrate all performance animation into the client’s game engine for final review, this leads to closer collaboration and pushes the quality even further. We have experience using Unreal, Unity, and proprietary game engines.

Facial Rigging
Our experienced Production team can design and deliver FACS-based facial rigs constructed via multiple methods including joints, blend shapes, scan data, and wrinkle maps.


Performance Capture Support
Cubic Motion can attend Performance Capture shoots to ensure high-quality data is recorded, this includes the provision of our multi-camera head-mounted unit that is available for purchase or long-term rentals.

On-site support
We can send animators to your location.

Our technology

Our technology is applicable anywhere accurate measurement of complex objects is needed. Key applications include AR and VR, but the same methods can be applied across many domains, such as industrial inspection and medical image analysis.

AR and VR applications, gaze & blink detection, pupil dilation are all possible with highly accurate tracking.

Cubic Motion Labs

Our core computer vision capabilities can be licensed for a range of platforms. We can help you design tracking systems, and provide runtime modules or access to the lowest level of tooling, all with extensive support. Bespoke applications of our computer vision can be created by our own engineering team.

Cubic Motion’s patent pending (*UK application #1702864.8) stereo system has proved particularly powerful in picking up the most subtle details of facial movement.

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Case Studies

Our high-fidelity facial animation has been seen across film, TV, video games and immersive media, including Call of Duty, Hellblade, Spider-Man, Kiss Me First, and many more. Take a comprehensive look at our latest work here.

Case Studies