Case Studies

Our high-fidelity facial animation has been seen across film, TV, video games and immersive media, including Call of DutyHellbladeSpider-ManKiss Me First, and many more.

Sheik Zayed

The ability to create absolutely lifelike digital humans also unlocks the potential to bring back deceased public figures with staggering detail and clarity. Whether a departed leader or celebrity, it can be comforting and truly powerful to see a beloved person revived in a respectful, realistic manner.

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God of War

Elevating emotion in Sony's acclaimed PlayStation 4 smash, God of War

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How Cubic Motion is achieving new levels of photorealism with digital humans like Siren

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How Cubic Motion's facial capture tech elevates RYOT's immersive storytelling

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Metro Exodus

Beneath the surface: Inside Cubic Motion's facial animation for Metro Exodus

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Call of Duty: WWII

Delivering a moving experience with the facial animation of Call of Duty: WWII

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Kiss Me First

Delivering the facial animation for the highly anticipated sci-fi series from Channel 4

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Horizon Zero Dawn

Providing several hours of high-quality facial performance data for Horizon Zero Dawn's cinematics

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Hidden Agenda

Managing high volumes of cinematic acting performances in Supermassive Games 2017 thriller

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