209 Group announce new strategic partnership with Cubic Motion

We’re excited to announce a new strategic partnership with 209 Group, the leading resource for virtual production needs in television, film, games, advertising and automotive.

209 group logo

The partnership has been announced as the company is set to move into new headquarters in Newport Beach, CA. The inclusion of our technologies will enable 209 Group to deliver an all-inclusive pipeline that includes hardware, software, services, and motion capture apparel solutions.

Tom Armbruster, President and CEO, said: “We are eager to partner with Cubic Motion. They offer a full range of services and never fail to deliver at the highest fidelity. Cubic Motion’s passion for computer vision and facial animation ensure they’re consistently exceeding expectations for their clients across video games, film, mixed reality, and live events.

“Cubic Motion understands that facial animation is a crucial part of storytelling and are very passionate about the results they produce, which is why we’re excited for the future and the projects that this partnership will deliver.”

The company also announced a partnership with creative agency Happy Mushroom.

To find out more visit www.209group.com.

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