Faces of Cubic: Sid Reddy

For the next ‘face’ in our series, we talk to Sid, Producer, about her perspective on working at Cubic Motion.

When and why did you join Cubic Motion?

I first worked at Cubic Motion five years ago when I was working as a sous chef & desperately needed a career change. I studied Digital Film & Post Production at university & really wanted to do something in a similar field so I applied thinking I had nowhere near enough experience. Luckily, I got the job & started as a motion tracker! I left for a few years due to relocation & started back here two years ago as a motion tracker again.

What do you do?

I am now a producer! I oversee projects from start to finish which means getting characters set up, processing video footage from the head mounted cameras, building a strong relationship with clients & ensuring schedules & deadlines are adhered to. I love planning & organising things, so it really is the perfect job role for me. I also look after a team of animators & help them develop their skillsets & guide them as much as I can.

I get to do some mocap acting from time to time on our fancy new motion capture stage which I love! Can’t beat getting dressed up in lycra & acting out some of my favourite characters.

How has your role changed since you started at Cubic?

It’s been quite a journey that’s for sure. I started off as a motion tracker with absolutely no experience & within nine months I had become a lead in that department. I then started picking up more responsibilities to expand my knowledge & applied for a role in production which I have now been doing for six months. I have gained so much experience in such a small time & I never thought five years ago that I would end up where I am now!

What do you like about working here?  What is life like here?

The people are absolutely the number one thing about working here. It really is a family at Cubic Motion & everyone is always here to support one another. Everyone works together across the board & it really shows in the work that we produce. I could not have got where I am today without everyone here around me.

I love the fact that there is always something new on the horizon, whether that be a new game to work on, a live show or the new tech that we are always building.

I also love the great atmosphere we have here; everyone is super friendly & the business having flexible working hours really helps everyone achieve their absolute best.

What has been your proudest moment at Cubic Motion so far?

My proudest moment would definitely be working on Supermassive Games latest release, The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan. It was the first project I started back on as a motion tracker, then it was my project as a lead & finally I was one of the producers on it towards the end. I worked extremely hard on that project & felt such a sense of achievement & pride once it was finished. It was amazing to see my name on the credits & just be like, ‘you know what, I bloody did that!’

What have you done that you never thought you would?

You always hear people moan about their jobs or say they wish they could find a job they love. That is literally what I have; a job I love. I wouldn’t change a thing in the world! I have never felt so happy, proud, humble, grateful, focused, accomplished or like I belong in a job as I do here.

What development have you had?

I have had so much guidance from so many people around me in all the roles I have had here. A lot of the training here is hands on but I have also had specific training & courses in certain areas. As a new producer I still face challenges, but my team are always there to lend a hand if I need it.

What does the future look like? What do you hope to work on next?

The future here is insanely exciting. We have so many things in the works at the moment & I can’t wait to see where it takes us as a company & also me as an individual. I am currently leading a project that I am stupidly excited about & cannot wait to see out in the world as I am a massive fan.
My absolute dream would be to work on a feature film or with Kojima Productions (please bless us with Death Stranding 2 Kojima, I beg of you!)

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