fxguide reviews Persona

fxguide’s Mike Seymour sat down with our Product Manager, Tony Lacey, and Chief Technical Officer, Steve Caulkin to talk all things Persona. Take a look below –

“The company recently launched Persona an end to end hardware and software solution for emotional performance capture. Designed from the ground up for live performances, Persona enables immediate character animation in real-time engines normally in Epic Games’ UE4.

The system supports multiple actors each wearing a bespoke HMC and on-body animation system facilitating a completely untethered performance and allowing the actor to move freely around the stage or volume. We visited the company in Manchester to see the system first hand.

“Persona is pretty much the productization of all we have been doing in real time over the last couple of years” – Steve Caulkin, Chief technical officer, Cubic Motion.

Cubic Motion brings digital characters to life across video games, films, broadcast media, and immersive technologies. The company aims to fuse science and artistry with their own Computer Vision and Machine Learning alchemy to provide both offline and real-time model-based digital animation.”

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