In the News: Digital Trends talks Persona

Digital Trends recently sat down with Andy Wood to talk the future of digital humans, the applications of facial capture, and our Persona technology.

“Not long ago, Andy Wood, the president of a British computer graphics company called Cubic Motion, was in a meeting helping pitch its technology to a major games studio in Los Angeles. To showcase what they were capable of, Cubic Motion’s team had created an animated cutscene using one of the game studio’s trademark properties: a stylized female half-human, half-animal character.

The demo had gone well, the pre-rendered cutscene convincingly delivering the studio’s script. Then the Cubic Motion team executed its agreed-upon master stroke; the stunt they hoped would earn them the contract.

Having delivered its pre-written lines, the character in the cutscene broke the fourth wall. It turned to the camera, seeming to peer out at the business executives in the room, and began to address them individually. This wasn’t a pre-programmed trick, either. The pre-rendered cutscene, it transpired, was not pre-rendered at all. It was acted out live by a performer in Manchester, on the other side of the world, who was being transformed in real-time into the game studio’s character. When the character went “off-script” and started interacting with the people in the room, the effect was staggering.”

Read the full article on Digital Trends here

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