The Future Group teams up with Cubic Motion for LPL Regional Finals

Real-time facial animation and ray-tracing broadcasted live for the first time

The League of Legends Pro League (LPL) Regional Finals took place on Sunday, 8th Sept in Shanghai – the event determines the 3rd LPL team to qualify for the 2019 Season World Championship.

Using Cubic Motion’s real-time facial animation alongside Pixotape, Animatrik and Stype technology, Riot Games’ character, Akali, performed, danced and reacted live to the host’s questions

By utilising Nvidia’s RTX series graphics cards, real-time ray tracing and real-time facial animation were broadcasted live.

Future Group:

“The Future Group, provider of live photo-realistic virtual production systems, today announced that RIOT Games used Pixotope® (AR graphics), with Cubic Motion (real-time facial animation), Animatrik (motion capture), and Stype (camera tracking), to deliver the first live broadcast containing real-time ray tracing and real-time facial animation, at ‘The League of Legends’ LPL Regional Finals on Sunday 8th September in Shanghai.”

Full case study coming soon.

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